Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Great Indoors

Another unrunnable (spell check says that's not a word, phooey on it) day here in central Indiana, and that is why I have a treadmill.  I have my space set up pretty nice with, as I've mentioned before, four air sources blowing in my direction, and I added a new twist today with cranking the thermostat down to 60 or so.

Whenever I adjust the temp manually, the thermostat will indicate that it is in a 'temp'(orary) state, which I have no idea how long that is (and am too lazy to look it up).  Anyways, the temp state lasted long enough so that I didn't notice a temperature rise during my run.

I'm looking ahead to my long run of 14 miles on Saturday and am really hoping to get it in in the morning, preferably before 9 am, which means I need to start around 6:30, which means I need to get to bed fairly early on Friday night, which means I need to get my 2 mile run on Friday in right after work, which means...oh, I guess it stops there.

Discipline, oh yeah, it means I must exercise discipline!  I must will myself out of my slug-a-bed and rouse my inner motivated runner.

grrrr...I'm totally sure it will happen.

Tomorrow: 6 miles @ 10:30 pace

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