Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another idea...

Well, Turion has come up with a very good idea. He has gotten his wife and his brother to start toons on the server and is committed to helping them level.

That makes 4 people on Eastern time that have free time in the evenings; all we need is one more (or two for subs) in order to start running 5 man instances.

He is in the process of trying to get his sister to play, and there is the possiblility that his brother's girlfriend might play. Five and six.

And, there are already some guildies that play in the evening that are in the thirties and would probably be willing to sub if necessary.

So, what is the idea? Run the 5 man content like a Raid. Set a schedule, farm instances, get the teamwork thing down. If nothing else, we would have a premade team to run all the 5 man instances including Heroics. With a little luck, we could transition to 10 man content when our guild is a bit bigger.

I do have quite a number of questions:
So, has anyone out there done anything like this?

Have you had a 5 man team that has stuck together from VC to ST and beyond?

Is it even possible to balance leveling with running/farming instances?

What kinds of issues might pop up (other than the usual loot drama)?

In reference to my earlier whine, this might just fit the bill. Dwarfvader is chomping at the bit for his phat lewtz, and Turion is coming along as a healer. With the addition of 3 DPSers, I'm hoping we could just live in instances. Of course, we'd have other days to work on professions and the like. The biggest part of this is to get everyone used to group play, set expectations for timeliness/readiness, and GET SOME PHAT LEWTZ!!

So, anyways, I'd love to hear from both of my readers on this if you guys have had any experience on this subject!

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