Tuesday, November 20, 2007


So, last night, Dwarfvader and Turion were questing away in Wetlands, when Kandiltu whispers me about going to Kara. "Wha?? Huh?????" was my reply.

I get excited, DV gets excited cause he thinks HE'S going, and then Kand clarifies: We need Dax.

DV is crushed, but reluctantly makes his way to the inn to drown his sorrows in a Flagon of Mead.

Meanwhile, Dax is jumping up and down and squeeing like a little schoolgirl. "I'M GOING TO KARA!!!! I'M GOING TO KARA!!!!!!"

So, after I calm down, irritate my wife, and sell/repair, I accept the summons!

We had quite a lengthly discussion on taking down Attunmen the Huntsman, and how the respawns will happen in pretty short order. I get the star as my shackle target and the main tank as my healing target.

And....we're off! Horsies are pulled and made into glue! I keep up the MT and my shackle with no problems. I reshackle every 10 seconds whether it needs it or not. We have no deaths and are actually 1 minute ahead of the group's record time!

Unfortunately, the Attunmen strategy has to be explained to us newbs, and the record doesn't fall...lol.

For the healer, this is a pretty simple fight. Only the MT and Off-tank should be taking damage, so, hopefully, healers will only have to heal one target. During our run, Midnight got away from the OT for a sec and caused some damage, but nobody died. Once the two became one (eeeeeewwwww), the MT got aggro easily; then it was just a matter of keeping him healed while the DPS burned him down. And, down.....he.......went! There was much rejoicing that the newb priest didn't screw up the whole thing (mostly by me), and the RL distributed the loot. Kand got something, I can't remember. I got a badge of Justice.

As we made our way to a quest turn in for me, a nice green "of the Physician" hood dropped. I indicated to the raid that it would be an upgrade for me and could I pretty please have it? The raid graciously allowed me to grab the piece of trash and wear it on my head!

So, next was Moroes. We went back to the entry, up the stairs and started pulling mobs. We had a couple of deaths - one due to the AoE mage that the healers didn't watch. Whoops! She didn't drop any loot, dang!

We made it to Moroes, cleared the room, and discussed strategy. I got to be on shackle duty and healing MT. We positioned ourselves and shackled just as the pull happened. Both shackle targets were shackled in place, and Moroes was exactly where we wanted him. Good start!

From there, things went south. I got off the reshackle, but Moroes decided that my reign of terror should come to an end and one shotted me. Needless to say, my shackle was free and contributing to the raid's demise. A wipe was called, and everyone ran out of the room to reset the boss.

After rezzes and buffs, we tried again. This time, my shackle was resisted right off the bat, but I quickly applied it again to incapacitate the mob. This time the fight didn't go as well; Moroes must have remembered me from last time, because he one shotted me again after the Vanish. A wipe was called.

We had time for two more tries. The next time looked a lot like the first and second tries. Kand made apologies due to having to leave after the third try. The raid tried to figure out why I was getting Moroes' attention, and they decided that some heavy duty healers were in order. Kand and I thanked everyone for allowing us the chance to be part of the raid and hearthed out.

So, a little Kara experience. /sigh....I need better gear.

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