Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dwarfvader makes his presence known

And Van Cleef and Arugal are dead because of it.

Saturday morning, Turion and DV were going to two man VC, but an acquaintance was on, so we invited him - a mage. And at the entrance there was a hunter and a shammy that wanted to join up. Sure, np. We were then officially overpowered for the instance, but what the hey!

Almost immediately I find out that the hunter has not been reading BRK and is, indeed, a huntard.

Growl left on? Check.

Pet on aggressive? Check.

Meleeing? Check.

Sending pet in BEFORE I go in? Check.

Rolling NEED on the Cruel Barb (one handed nice sword that DV needed) AFTER just getting the sweet +7 agility polearm? Check!

I was one steaming little dwarf. But, we easily downed Van Cleef, and we all went our merry way.

Later that evening, I was helping Turion with his Pally quest that sends him into SFK. We were going to two man it to the courtyard, but Kandiltu jumped on his priest and we three manned it.
Getting to the courtyard was pretty easy, and I got some good experience tanking. Kandilto got some good tips on healing. And Turion got his quest item. So, we stood around and figured we'd see how far we could get.

The butcher, no problem. Turion got the green blade from him.

The noble in the dining room, no problem. I forgot who got his mace.

Mr. Pally in the chapel, no problem. I got his sweet shield.

Odo, the blindwatcher, no problem. I forgot who got his belt.

Then, after the bridge, I d/c'd. Crap. It took about 5 minutes to reconnect, and in the mean time, Turion called it a night.

So, by the time I was back, it was just me and Kandilto. O....K.....We figured we'd see how far we could get. We did real well with pulling and didn't get in over our heads. Kandilto was able to shackle some of the mobs, so that helped out greatly.

Ferris (or whatever that big wolf's name is) went down pretty easily. And we took care of the VW's. Then, took care of the wolf master's dogs, but wiped on the wolfmaster. No problem, we were beat down from the dog fight (lol) and figured we'd be able to take him at full health/mana. Well, we were wrong. We wiped two more times; we just didn't have enough DPS to kill him before he summoned too many adds. So we called it a night.

On Sunday, we got another group together and cleared the instance. DV got the noble's ring and the Meteor Shard for loot!

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