Tuesday, November 20, 2007



OK, I have to whine; I started whining about Gerwintassle leaving, and now I'm gonna whine some more.

I am GM of a small, casual guild. We have 3 level 70's, two of which are mine. Soon, we'll have another level 70, which is owned by the OTHER level 70 (Mykell).

4 70's and two owners.

The next person to probably hit 70 (Kat) is married to Myk.

Problem? Myk and Kat live in Africa, which is 5 hours ahead of Eastern time and pretty much squashes any Outlands instance runs with the guild during the work week. Grrrr....

'nother problem? I got my first taste of raiding last night and....I liked it. I really liked it. Even though I didn't get any loot, I was happy as a clam. I would really like to raid on a regular basis, but I would have to leave my guild to do so.

'nother problem? My marriage would take a serious hit if I didn't manage the aggro that resulted from raiding, if I could manage it at all. My wife was NOT happy when I informed her that I was in Kara and insinuated that I would like to....uhm....be left alone..../feign death.


The real problem is that I think I could get a slot on a raiding team. Neya has already indicated that he could pull some strings.....that's what makes the situation so....tempting. When I had no hopes of getting on a team or didn't even know what Kara was, I was just fine with fiddling around with my professions and my alts.

Now, I find I really like instances for the teamwork/loot/fun aspects, and my guild is built around casual play. I've even started, as I mentioned, doing run throughs for guildies in hopes of helping them level faster.

Well, I'm not looking for advice or anything, I just had to whine....


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Jabari said...

Tough spot.

It depends on how much of a commitment the raiding guild is, and how "set" of a schedule they have. You'd have to work the scheduling out with your wife.

I wouldn't worry that much about your current guild - create a private chat channel that all of you join so you can talk and such while you're on your main. Your other characters will stay in there. Just because you aren't formally in the guild doesn't mean that you can't do things with them.

Raiding can be great fun, but there is a time commitment involved too. I personally would go for it, if the rest of the details could be worked out. :)