Monday, November 19, 2007

Guild news

Well, Gerwintassle, our prodigal leader, has left again. This time, he left to help a real life friend start a guild. This is the same psycho friend that was GM of the initial guild that he, Mal, and I were part of.

I'm not optimistic about that guild's chances of survival. The GM, for some reason, just can't seem to hold it together. So, I'm sure Gerwin will be back, sooner or later.

I'm pretty disappointed, though. The Iron Ring is starting to get some of the guildies to Outlands and a Ramparts run wasn't too far off. With Myk and Kat in Africa, evening Outlands instance runs are out of the question. Weekend runs can be put together if Myk jumps on his warrior as tank.

It's a bit frustrating to take the step back that results from Gerwin leaving, but on the plus side, I've gotten a burn to help people in the guild get gear/quests/xp to accelerate their push to Outlands. This help includes running people through lowbie instances (guildies only!) and escorting people through the Hellfire Penn quests. I know I said I didn't like doing that, but, jeez! it's lonely in Outlands.

So, anyways.....

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