Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One of these days.....

....I'm going to get a clue.

I respecced DV last night to follow Brigin's recommendations for a protection warrior. I really need to research talent points BEFORE I start spending them! Of course, I realize that my game play might differ from Brigin's, so I expect that I'll respec at least one more time.

I also decided to swap out some +str and +agi for a whole lotta armor and +sta on my gear. I kept the old pieces just in case the new ones don't work out the way I hope. Turion respecced also last night to focus more on healing, so tonight should be interesting as we try out the new combo.

Speaking of last night, Turion and I ran with a lvl 25 rogue guildie for a bit in Wetlands. We totally pwned some Orcs and Raptors! I pulled about 5 or 6 at a time and had a BLAST!!!! It was soooo fun to just wipe them out! Of course the mobs were 4 or so levels below me and Turion, so we weren't in any danger. But....MAN THAT WAS FUN!

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