Friday, November 30, 2007

The Group

I've decided to call our lvl 37-42ish group by an original name...The Group. So, my faithful readers, when you see this label (and maybe title, I haven't made up my mind), you can rest assured that I will be discussing the adventures of, drum roll please:

Dwarfvader - Warrior - Tank extraodinaire
Zyyro - Priest - Healing ma-chine!
Turion - Pally - DPS bad man
Bloodpebble - Rogue - DPS Back stabbin' fool
Tryna - Pally - DPS - Offtank 2 d max

Last night, we decided to start on Scarlet Monastery(SM) Library. We needed to get everyone the Scarlet Key, and the instance was a bit low level for the the two 42's. Perfect place to work on raid icon placement, kill order, sapping practice, and general game play in a group.

We had no deaths! Zyyro (AKA Myk in Africa) did a great job healing; at one point, on the way back through the respawns, we had 5-6 mobs on us! No....Deaths! 'Nuff said (Zyyro elevated to Uber Healer status)!

We tried several combinations of pulls. At the first, we tried sapping one and killing the other on two mob pulls. Too easy! We tried having Tryna(AKA Kat in Africa) offtanking a mob. Too easy! Ok, DV can tank two of these mobs, no problem. We finally settled on sapping one mob on three mob pulls, with DV tanking the remainder. We set a kill order (skull, X, Star- which was the sapped mob). We did not have planned pulls of 4+ mobs, except one where two of the mobs were non-elite.

I got most of my questions answered during this run:
How does Zyyro heal? GREAT!
Can DV tank a couple of similar level elites? You betcha!
Can the DPS focus fire and follow a kill order? Yup!
Are we alert enough to stop runners? Uh-huh!

We did such a good job that we had plenty of time to run through the Armory! So off we went to see what Herod was up to. By this time, we were clicking along very nicely. We pulled groups of 2 and 3 and easily disposed of them. We arrived at Herod's chamber without any hairy events or OH CRAP moments.

So, DV opens the door, and we gaze lovingly down at the holder of our PHAT LEWT. We were all mana'd up, and DV was about to charge in when Turion accidentally ran off the ledge. ACK! Ok, no problem, let me pop Blood Rage, get some...uh, rage, and start the Sundering. WOOT WOOT! Got aggro immediately and never looked back!

I reminded The Group about the Blades of Light whirlwind and that us melee folks need to run to the edges of the circle when he activates it. I would repeat the warning over the voice chat system when I heard it as I ran out of range. He popped it 3 or 4 times before going down, but everyone was on their game and moved. After he went down, we had already decided that all the AoE people (Zyyro w/ Holy Nova, pallys w/ Consecrate, and DV w/ Thunderstomp) would gather in the center of the circle and AoE the incoming mass of mobs. Worked like a charm! I believe Zyyro did the most damage with his AoE, but since I wasn't tracking any of the instance on WWS or some other tool, I don't know.

For PHAT LEWT, Turion got Herod's shoulders. A nice upgrade to what he was wearing; DV already had snagged them on a previous run through.

Up next? Cathedral. Look out Whitemane, we're comin' fer ya!

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