Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I jumped on Rysteranch last night to farm some motes of H2O and saw someone LF healer for kara.

OOOOOOOoooooooooo, I can do that.

PST'd the guy about Daxenos and got the ok!

Woooooooot! Dax is goin' to Kara again!

Since it was the day after the reset, Attunmen was up.

Now, I'm not entirely happy with my performance. I kept my shackle up most of the time, but let it get loose a number of (too many) times. I was assigned to the OT and general raid healing; I did a passable job keeping them healed. On Attunmen, for some reason during the middle of the fight, I jumped to the top of the threat meter by a HUGE amount. Thankfully, although Omen (just switched to this threat meter last night) said I had aggro, the boss didn't come to shmush me.

On to Moroes. We were standing outside the room by the pillars, and I got the bright idea to move to get a better line of sight. All of a sudden, I'm getting beat on by something! Crap, I aggro'd some of the guests.....and wiped the raid.


It's bad enough that I'm the PuG'd raid member doing just a passable job and now I wipe the raid. Crap.


/apologize profusely for wiping, accept the responsibility and ribbing, slam heel of hand into forehead. DOH!

ok. NOW, on to Moroes. We tried 5 or 6 times on this guy. The closest we got him was around 37 or so %. After the 3rd try (or thereabouts) we switched strategies to kill the casters first. I remember reading something about this before, but until it was mentioned, didn't dredge it up from the depths of my memory banks. We still wiped, but we seemed to get to Moroes quicker.

Lessons learned:
1. DON'T get close to the guests!!! And watch where you're going!

2. I watched the MT healer "dangle the tank" by waiting to use Greater Heal to ensure no overhealing. I believe the MT died once because of this healing method and have Renewed (pun intended) confidence in my healing method of always having a Renew on my target while keeping their health in the top 50%.

3. DON'T get close to the guests!!! And watch where you're going!

4. Shackles break early at times, and I need to have an emergency macro that puts PW:shield on me and then reshackles my target. I must keep better track of my shackles. BTW, I did reshackle around 10 seconds or so to ensure I could overcome a resist.

5. DON'T get close to the guests!!! And watch where you're going!

6. I need to reposition myself away from my shackle like I'm chain trapping just in case of an Oh Crap moment. At the very least I'll have an extra second of casting time before I start getting hit.

7. Did I mention: DON'T get close to the guests!!! And watch where you're going!

Other things that I noticed is that, although I couldn't see the other priest's +healing, I could see their mana pools and health. I had the highest amount of both between the MT healer, myself, and the shadow priest. I'm not sure what this means, other than I may have gimped my +healing for +int and +sta. Right now, my +healing is around +1250, and I'm still wearing some AH greens. I have always been reluctant to give up my other stats to add to my +healing; in fact, I've socketed gems that ensure I don't lose my other stats when I upgrade gear. I am, however, missing some enchants that could pump up my +healing by 30 or 50 points, so I need to look into getting those. Like everyone else, I hate enchanting something that I know I won't be keeping, but sometimes you have to spend the money just to get you where you want to go.

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