Tuesday, November 6, 2007

BM and I'm not talkin' bowel movements

Last night, Dax begged Neya to get on his uber warrior Trilogy and run Black Morass with him. Neya agreed! Wooooot for me!

Kandiltu, the Pally, was on also and was willing to go as well. We were joined by MSN, warlock, and Brolean (or something like that), hunter.

To tell you something about Trilogy's tanking abilities, you should know he on the Kara farm team for his guild and regularly goes and sees Gruul (and kills him). I believe he is solidly T3 gear with some T4 stuff thrown in (sheer speculation on my part). So, how many times did I pull aggro? 3.

1. I was running around with the group before the big event, clearing stuff, and aggroed a stealthed panther. I brought said kitty to the group which promptly snuffed it.

2. I was merrily healing away at some portal, and the boss decides he likes me. Before he can take a step toward me, Tril has him focused back on the nasty tank, and he forgets all about me.

3. Some whelp thought I'd be tasty - Faded and didn't hear from him again.

That was it. 18 portals, and I only drew aggro 3 times. Now THAT was nice!

My healing technique for this instance is becoming my preferred technique:
1. Frisbee the tank and keep a Renew on him. Anytime the frisbee jumps to a toon that's not getting hit, I throw it back to the tank. This kept a good deal of aggro on the tank and saved me some big heals.

2. Renew everyone else when they start taking damage. We had an off tank in Kandiltu, so I had to watch both him and Tril for spike damage. But for everyone else, I don't believe I had to throw a Greater Heal their way during the fights.

3. For this fight, I drank after every portal and didn't run OOM. I threw out my shadow fiend on the last boss and drank a pot just to make sure I didn't run out, but I never really was in danger of going OOM.

No phat lewtz to speak of, but I did get some sort of large shard. Oh, yeah, and I got a key.

The key.

To Karazhan.



BigBearButt said...

Grats! I'm glad you had a lot of fun, as well as got your key to go get some Badges soon!

Oh yeah, and I hear there is gear in there too!

Ryster Anch said...

Thanks! Now the real pressure is on for me to get my last crafted epic so I can feel worthy of being part of a group going to Kara. Well, ya know, I'd hate to be underdressed for the ball!