Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bring it!!

Last night I asked one of the priests from the Kara raid the other night to give me some feedback on my performance. I asked for an unvarnished evaluation.

Unfortunately, his guild doesn't use WWS or another parser to analyze their performance, so he didn't have any hard numbers to throw down or specific instances of bad play.

He did comment on having a shackle macro, which I implemented today (Thanks Ego!!). I did tell him a little about my interface so he didn't think I was a total Which, brings to mind another blog post that I need to write...grrrr.

Overall, he said I did well. He also indicated that I had impressed several of the raid members and asked if I was guilded. Without going into much detail, I told him I was GM of a small casual guild and couldn't manage to leave just yet. I asked if I could add him to my friends, and he said yes and reciprocated. He also asked for my alts' names as I indicated I would be spending quite a bit of time on them.

It was very nice to get the positive feedback. I have a bit more confidence in being able to heal Kara, as well as attend to the additional duties that are required.

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