Saturday, November 10, 2007

Details, not deheads....

Here's a little rundown of the Shadow Labs experience from last night.

Kandiltu was on tanking duty (he's a pally); we had another pally healing, a 'lock, a shadow priest, and Rysteranch, a hunter on DPS. Everyone in the group was level 70.

We decided to do a full clear, so we worked our way clockwise around the first room. Not much to report; I was on chain trapping duty, so I couldn't crank out the DPS that I would have liked to. About halfway through the room, we figured out that we didn't need the trap, but we stuck with it anyways.

Fast forward to the "Fun Time" room, and the first pull was one of the four armed instructers. Well, one of the groups of....erm.....worshipers(?) decided to come with her. Whoops, wipe. Thankfully, we all died in the room before, so nobody was stuck out of rez range. On a side note, the SP had an addon or a macro that said something funny every time he rezzed someone - I've gotta get that for Dax!

So, after we cleared the room, except for the ogre, we buffed up, sucked it up, and engaged the boss that I think is the hardest in the instance - Blackheart the Inciter. Everyone ended up dying, except Kand and the healer. I ran back to help out and got there just as the ogre died, and Kand died shortly thereafter. There was much loling, high fives, and rezzing.

We wiped once on Vorpil because the SP was not sure of the tanking strategy. The first time, the strat was to go south, then north, then south again with the teleports as the delimiter for changing the direction.

The next try, we switched the strat to go North first, then alternate. This strat worked much better, first because everyone was on the same page, and second because the void walkers were all stuck back in the hall after the teleport. We killed him after the first teleport! I'll definitely have to rememeber this strat the next time I'm in there.

We then proceeded to wipe on the next pull. Kand pulled the first two guys, but for some reason, the next 4 pack came running as well. No problem, we'll just die. After that, the trash came in manageable groups of 4, and we smoked 'em. Well, ok, truth be told, I died a couple of times due to resisted traps or trap cooldowns, but I didn't break my own trap, so I count it as a win!

Murmur......I am so grateful he's at half health for this fight. Of course, Blizzard could have just filled up his health bar with his current hit points, meh. Anyways, everyone got reminders of pulling back pets on the arcane explosion and spreading out. Well, I forgot to pull back PuddyTat and on the second arcane explosion, he was dead. Bad for us, no Ferocious Inspiration for the extra damage. We gave it a valiant try, but we succumbed to death's grasp.

The second try we remembered to pull back our pets on the AOE's, and Murmur went down like a dawg! Got my sonic spear (sorry BRK).

Then we wrapped up the run by killing the Kara key frag elemental and congratulated each other on a good run! One frag down, two to go (and a little BM run).

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