Monday, November 26, 2012

A New Pace

So, I suppose I should be happy that I was faster than my intended pace, but I'm not really.  I did have somewhat of a difficult time nailing down this new pace as you can see.  Tomorrow isn't going to be any help as I'll be running another new pace: 10:22 for 6 miles.

Maybe if I run the whole thing gangnam style I'll hit my target.  Then again, I'd probably just hurt myself trying that newfangled stuff.


Michael said...

You sure had a good week of running last week. 40 miles is good for any body! Try to hold down your pace on your easy days so that they will be easy and that you have the energy on the days you need it! Like your tempo runs and speed work.

Good Job!

Rusty said...

Roger that, coach!