Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time to grit my teeth and steel myself...

....cause the next Federal Holiday is over three months away!

See, as a (U.S.) Federal employee, I've enjoyed having at least one holiday a month for the last 6 months (two in Nov and Jan!), and now comes the long haul between President's day and Memorial day.


In other news, I ran a fair number of Heroics, 10 man Naxx, and a 25 man Naxx over the weekend. Daxie got to Mind Control a DK for the Instructor, DV got to kite adds for the big Doggy, and Smoochie gained a level! Oh, and Daxe (remember him - my first 70) put down the grogg for long enough to drop Tailoring (and his smelly old PMC stuff) and pick up Herbalism.

All of that was ok, but the real fun was on Saturday night! My wife and I went to Dance Master's studio for a Valentine's dance! It was a blast! I realized that I really missed dancing with my honey and am excited about the 22nd when we go to The Indiana Roof for another dance.

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