Thursday, February 12, 2009

In other news

Now that I've dissected The Culling of Rusty's Colon, let's move on to other items.

Namely, Daxie's first time into OS. It was the Heroic version, and we could only find 4 healers after about an hour of searching. Well, let's see how it goes.

It turned out pretty good for us! The MT only died once, and the OT picked up the mob (it was one of the blue dragons) right away. We had a couple of people die on the way to the last boss, but nothing catastrophic. I died twice on the last boss (Battle Rez FTW!!...uh...dead again..ftl), but I did not die due to the flame wall (got the achievement when the boss died).

Ok, so I took a look at Recount Healing Done for the night, and Daxie placed 2nd over all. I was on OT healing. Now, the OT didn't take that much damage, so I took it upon myself to put Renews on people taking splash damage, throwing my frisbee at the MT, and occasionally helping out on the MT with a Greater Heal.

Just before the last boss pull, I was at number one on the meter for total Healing. I wasn't shooting for this, but I was rather pleased that I had healed that much without ever even getting close to OOM. I think I only had to grab a biscuit one time before the last boss. Blizz, please don't nerf my mana regen!!!

As far as my spell choices go, I mainly used Renew, Prayer of Mending, and Greater Heal. In fact, these three spells made up the vast majority of my casting, so much that my spell distribution pie chart looked like a Mercedes Benz symbol. I'm not saying this is good or bad, but I was surprised that the amount healed by each of the spells was almost the same. BTW, Renew came out on top; I'll have to see if I can take a pic of Recount when I get home.

And, it turned out really good lootwise for Daxie as she got 4 Emblems of Valor and her T7.5 glove token! Woot!

I would have lost a bunch of Spirit if I didn't gem it with a +27 Spirit, JC only gem, and I still have to get an enchant on them. But now I have the 2 piece set bonus, so my Prayer of Mending will have one more jump! I'll have to see if that bonus will move the frisbee up to the top healing done spot.

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