Friday, February 6, 2009

T7....I don't know.....

Last night, we went to the Military quarter after wiping twice on Loethan (our druid healer was OOM in the first 10% of the fight despite being told he could only heal at certain times....).

Now, I expected this to be the toughest quarter yet, and the trash pulls tended to bear that out in that we couldn't grab two groups and kill them without wiping. But, it turns out that the first two bosses are a cake walk if you know what to do!

The Instructor is tanked by his adds via the mind control orbs (sorry 25 man people....Naxx10 For the Easy!) and is a check to see if your tanks can swap aggro, put up a spell before tanking (bone shield), and release and resnag their Death Knight. It took one wipe for Teurion and the other tanking dude (not the OT, in this case) to figure it out, and we easily killed him.

The next boss is even easier if you know to split up into two groups with the better DPSers on the dead side. We put three dpsers on the Live side and the Warlock (that out dpses me) and I on the Dead side.

Wave after wave was killed on the Live side and popped up on the Dead side. They were a joke! It was almost like they got the level 80 elite name without changing anything else from being a level 60 elite. Now, I'm not complainin'; I'm just sayin'.

Soon enough, the boss came down on the Live side, was pewpew'd at for a bit, then came over to the Dead side for a visit. We obligidingly pewpew'd him and sent him back to the Live side. I think he only made it back to the Dead side one more time before the gates opened, and we smoked him. A pretty easy fight, IMO.

I passed on the hunter belt (had a shammy that wanted it) cause the emblem belt that I had was sorta...kinda....better. I'm also thinking about leaving the guild to return to Blood for Blood and didn't want to be accused of ninjaing anything.

So, now to the subject of the post: DV has 60 emblems, which is enough for his T7 glove token. And yet, I hesitate. The gloves that I have are pretty nice, and I lose +crit by swapping them out for the T7 gloves. What's the deal?? Shouldn't T7 stuff be, like, at the very least a pure upgrade to what it's replacing??? /sigh. I might just have to wait to get the T7.5 stuff....

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Deathrender said...

To be totally honest, T-Gear isn't all it's cracked up to be. I mean, I'm sure you've seen my Armory. Do I look like I'm hurting for much? T7 and 7.5 isn't bad, but there is certainly better. The downside is that unless you're getting the Heirloom gear, there really is nothing else to do with your emblems.

I'd say go for the gloves. Worst case, you replace them with something even better and you're out 60 emblems. Your gear is coming along nicely though. You should try for some light raiding guilds or pugging 25-mans :)