Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A full night!

After work yesterday, I hopped on Daxie to see if I could snag a Heroic or two before dinner. I was pleasantly surprised to get an invite to H. Violet Hold within a couple of minutes.

I was in the channel for HVH, so it shouldn't have been a I specifically chose that instance to gauge where I was at in terms of managing my mana for chain pulls. I did just fine, although I really missed having mana biscuits. I was chuggin' tea all night long.

Short story, no wipes, one death (mine), and got a nice pair of caster bracers off the last boss. Oh, and I managed my mana just fine.

So, the DK tank then asked if the group wanted to go do Halls of Lightning, and the DPSers declined. Now, I've had some difficulty with that instance on DV and didn't think that I could do a good job of healing. But, the tank took a "let's just see" attitude and gathered up three DPS to fill our our depleted group.

In short, we did do just fine. I had a death here and there from AoE or having to chose between DPS or tank (tank always wins those) or people's inability to dance with Loken. We also had a couple of wipes. But all in all, we were able to complete the instance and get the phat lewtz....a leather item for three casters, a hunter, and a DK. /roll for vendor.

So, I have high confidence now that I can heal just about any Heroic. Yay on Daxie.

After dinner was our guild's Naxx10 run. Allow me to dispense with what you all want to see:
So, guess who was able to dance the Heigan fight 5 times....I know, you guys are tired of hearing that.

On the plus side, the Warlock was able to stay alive for the last dance to speed up our kill.

We were able to take out Noth, Heigan, and Patchwerk. The Patchwerk decision was made after our 4th wipe on Heigan, and Teurion wanted to get the raid's confidence back. We knew we had the DPS to kill Patchy, so it was a good bet to take a couple of tries at him.

We ended up one shotting the big guy!

So, with that boost, we went back and killed Mr. Safety dance (although we didn't get that achievement due to over half the raid still dying...).

On my performance, the damage done pretty much speaks for itself, but what I really like is I had no misses with a 149 hit rating and a draenai alive at all times. I would have liked it better if I had no misses with all the draenai dead on a long fight like Heigan so I could gauge whether or not 149 +hit is good enough. That just sounds morbid doesn't it....


Deathrender said...

I'm going to assume that was overall DPS for the raid right? I only say that because I know your DPS falls right off the table with the Heigan fight. Not exactly friendly for Hunters who like to stand STILL and shoot.

Daxenos said...

Yeah, that was for the night. I've taken to keeping PuddyTat by my side on the Heigan fight in order to pop Beastial Wrath every time it's up. He dies way too often to send him out into the fray.

And, of course, my DPS takes a hit when he's sittin' by my side licking himself....

Amava said...

I love fiddling with hit rating. NOT!

I generally shoot to be hit capped (263 for Night Elf) without depending upon a draenei or taking points in Focused Aim.

To get even close to the hit cap, I currently have every single gem include +hit, which is especially annoying for blue slots (the best thing I can find is +hit/+sta, which is wasteful for raiding, despite the sta=attk power talent in SV), and have been running at 245 for a few weeks. I'm amazed you see as few misses as you do, because even so close to the cap, I miss the occasional shot.

One thing that is pretty cool, my raid has a relatively stable roster, so I'm working with the RL to see if he can more or less guarantee me a Draenei. So I'm probably going to replace a bunch of the gems so I plan on being 1% below hit cap (230, if I remember correctly). I'll bring a stack of Worg Tartare incase there's not enough space goats to allow one into the hunter party. there's only 2 of us, but I'll still call it the Hunter Party :-)

Of course, this all becomes moot if Surge-Needle Ring drops for me as the +hit on that will make the whole process quite simple. But that's part of the joy of balancing the stats for raiding.