Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Heroic healings

Yesterday, Daxie got to heal the last boss in H. Utgarde Pinnacle for the daily quest (three emblems for one kill!) and healed H. Halls of Lightning.

For the HUP run, she was around 1400 spell power (unbuffed). She had a well geared tank, so it really wasn't an issue keeping him alive, and the fight wasn't that bad.

For the HHoL run, she had climbed to 1576 spell power (unbuffed) due to the Titansteel Guardian, a ring, a nice trinket, and some enchants. She had a well geared tank for this run as well, but we had a bit of trouble in the instance.

Of course, HoL has quite a bit of AoE damage as well as a painful dance on the last boss. I had a couple of player deaths due to having to choose the tank over them, but over all, we had an acceptable number of deaths, imo.

Loken is a pain! We tried to just heal through the fight in one place, but that resulted in a wipe. The next try, we decided to run, but I didn't run fast enough and died. But the NEXT try, I was able to run with the group and survived long enough. Yeah, I died with 50K health left on Loken, and the Warrior and two DPS were able to take him down.

I "needed" on the caster belt that dropped as the Warlock didn't need it. It was a pretty good upgrade for me with an Eternal Belt Buckle attached to it.

And that brings me to my next point: If you want an upgrade to a slot, make sure you gem/enchant/enhance it with what ever you can. This will ensure that you get that drop that will force you to do it all over again!

Last night, I did exactly that with my waist item - attached a belt buckle, threw in a nice +16 spirit gem, and BAM! get a replacement on my very next run. /shrug. If that's all it takes, I'll make sure to keep everything up to snuff!!

(Oh, and, sadly, I never did grind the proper BC rep for the head arcanum, so I'm stuck grinding out Wyrmrest rep. But, now that I've said that, I've just realized that since the change to Spell Power from +Healing, I might be able to get another BC faction's arcanum...must research....)

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