Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pox Redux update

We have a DPS. Joe over at Ramblings of a Learner has decided that he'll roll a mage. It looks like he's really liking the idea of a limited playtime by design. So, yay, we have biscuits!!!!

Anyways, Daxenos is now level 10 and is benched until the group gets together. I'm busy crankin' around the lower level areas on Daxynn to collect up ore for his (and it turns out her) armor needs as well as leveling Daxynn's Herbalism.

One of my goals for this group is to get the Oldlands dungeon master achievement, which means the very first instance that I'd like to do as a group is....Ragefire Alliance toons....How do you say "Corpse Hopping?"

Of course, I could escort the team (sans Daxenos) through Darkshore/Ashenvale/The Barrens to the West entrance of Org, then be the rabbit that aggros the guards to give the group a headstart. Hopefully, after the group makes it to the instance, they would be able to drop aggro by entering the instance, then come out and use the summoning stone without aggroing anyone near by....

Or, we could just run in as a group and corpse hop our way through the city to the instance entrance. Of course, we'd probably corpse hop our way through Darkshore and Ashenvale as well...The good news is that we all should be able to get to Auberdine, Darkshore relatively easy...8~)

Back to the first things, though. I'm thinking that we'd start the Defias quests together to get a bit of group play in and get to know each other. Also, running around as a five man group, we should be able to pwn almost everything we come across up to level 18 or 20, if my Pox Arcanum memory serves correctly.

We actually might want to level to 11 or 12 before grouping up - Joe and Jason, let me know what you guys think. As for the rest of ya....LF2 more DPS....


Jason said...

Whatever level you want to start at, I'm cool with. With my Horde expertise, I'll tell you that Corpse Hopping into RFC is going to be....interesting to say the least.

The good news is that it wouldn't take all of us. The summoning stone has one NPC near it and no guards. However, I'm not sure how close said NPC is to the stone. I think we'd be ok.

The bad news is getting there. Even if we use the Barrens Back Door, You're probably looking at no less than 5 deaths since we're on foot.

The solution...come back to RFC at a later period. that's my 2 copper. What do you guys think? Oh, and welcome on board Joe!

joe said...

I'm up for starting at any level between 10-15, the earlier the better, but not gonna cry over having to get 2 more levels solo.

I'm also fine with corpse running into RFC, though we might want someone to run in first to make sure we can get to the stun without drawing undo agro.

Daxenos said...

Well, if we push the start level to twelve, is that high enough to tackle Deadmines? It's been a while since I've been in there, and I can't remember what level VanCleef is.

joe said...

WoWhead says he be lvl20. So yeah, if we're not gonna run over to RFC we prolly wanna meet at 12.