Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pox Redux

I've created my new Pally for the Pox type group. Daxenos has enjoyed a rez and is now the guild leader of Pox Redux on Kael'Thas.

I got him up to nine last night and picked up skinning/mining as his professions.

In other news, Deathrender has rolled a healer - Healrender, a priest.

I'm fairly sure that I'd like the group to run on Saturdays around 8:30 or 9 am Eastern time. I know this will exclude some people (sorry Cackle - I totally understand it's a bad time for you), but I'm also pretty certain that I'll be able to commit to the time for the foreseeable future.

So, with that said, I am looking for three DPS to fill out the group. I'd prefer if we didn't have duplicates so as to maximize synergy and buffs. Also, while I mentioned that this group would not be as restrictive as Pox Arcanum, please read over their rules to get the spirit of the concept that I'm talkin' about.

Another thing, while professions are not a must, we might want to consider having a variety (especially an enchanter) so as to take advantage of the benefits to the group.

And lastly, the major restriction of no sugardaddies is lifted, so any support that you'd like to give your Pox Redux toon from a main is totally up to you. The group will be limited to leveling together and running instances together, so in your adventures, take care not to gather up any xp.

To reiterate the Pox idea, we all have mains that we play; please reserve your Pox toon for the group play that it's intended for - namely leveling together through instancing and shared adventure. If you want to level a toon solo.....roll an alt.


Jason said...

I probably won't get to leveling Healrender till this weekend. Tonight, Thursday, and Friday are all a wash as we discussed. Hopefully we can find 3 DPS soon though!

Daxenos said...

Any thoughts on Professions? If you're thinking of tailoring, I can start sending you cloth.

Jason said...

I'm thinking Tailoring/Herbalism. The herbalism should keep me in money and the Tailoring will keep me clothed and bagged.

Daxenos said...

I'll start shippin' you cloth.

joe said...

Okay, so I never was really a part of the pox groups, but would it be possible for me to have a mage without having to support it with my main character/play it in off times? Namely since we wouldn't be questing would I be able to keep geared up enough off of pure dungeon drops?

Daxenos said...

If I understand what you're talking about, Joe, yes, you would be plenty geared from just dungeon drops.

Remember, any greens that drop can be "needed" as necessary, and since we will be a static group, it is in our best interest to gear all of our toons as best as we can.

Another plus to this is that you would only be committing roughly 3 hours on a Saturday morning with minimal time invested outside the group to level any professions that you'd want to level.

Shoot me an email....let's talk!