Friday, February 27, 2009

Pox, Naxx, and Danx

Ok, well, Danx? Yeah, I just wanted another word that ended in "x", and I wasn't gonna use that word. Dance...Danx...I don't know...

Pox Redux is slowly but surely coming along. We have so far:

Daxenos, Pally Tank, Miner/Skinner
Healrender, Priest Healer, Tailor/Herbalist
Udacha, Mage Biscuit makerDPS, Enchanter/??

I've posted on my guild forums, so we'll see what comes back from that. If any of you billion readers want to get in on the action, you might want to speak now before the spots get filled.

To reiterate, I'm looking at Saturdays, 9 am (or possibly 8:30 am) starting time, commit 2-3 hours running instances. Minimum gaining xp outside of the group.

On to Naxx, last night, DV didn't have to swap out for Daxie! He finally completed the Military quarter as our two awesome Hybrids took care of the back two Horsemen while we burned the front two.

We cleared Arachnid, Military, and first two bosses in Construct. On Patchwerk, I topped 3100 DPS and led the raid as far as total damage done...again.

Tonight is Naxx25, but I'm not planning on going. Instead, I'm puttin' on my dancin' shoes!! I mentioned that my wife and I are re-upping for dance lessons. The package that we're getting includes 4 private lessons, 4 group lessons, and 4 dance parties.

The group lessons and dance parties are both on Friday nights, and our private lessons are on Saturdays. Our plan is to alternate Fridays with Saturdays so that we only have one a week. That stretches out the cost as well as helps us avoid getting burned out.


Anonymous said...

Aliix : Druid : Skinning/LW

- Aloix

Daxenos said...

For everyone else reading the above comment, I talked with Aloix in game and asked him to make a comment to notify everyone else that he'd be joining us.