Monday, February 9, 2009

Some people change guilds like they change their underwear

I'm not in that category, but I did switch guilds again. For the record, I've changed my underwear every day for at least the last week, so I'm safely outside of the title group.

I went back to one of my old guilds: Blood for Blood.

I had two reasons for leaving B4B: Teurion left and the guild leader's girlfriend was a real piece of work. Now, Teurion left because of the gf, so maybe there was just one reason.

Well, the guild leader dumped the girl friend, so that cleared the way for our glorious return!! That might be a bit overstated...

Anyways, after getting nothing but silence on Friday when asking about who was up for a Heroic, Daxie got fed up and /gquit. I don't think anyone noticed as I didn't get any whispers.

A little bit later, when DV /gquit, I got one whisper. /shrug. I explained why I left and added the reason that B4B was in 25 man content now, rather than soon, and left it at that. Teurion left after being in our Friday Naxx25 raid for an hour.

And speaking of raiding, I got in more than my fair share this past weekend - so much that I need to cut back a bit to balance out my home life.

Daxie got the call to heal the 25 man Naxx on Friday night (my wife was scrapbooking, FTW!) and ended up with some emblems of valor. Unfortunately, the Saturday Naxx10 and Friday's Naxx25 are kind of running together in my head, so I can't really remember who or what we did. I think it was Arachnid quarter and Plague quarter. I do remember dancing with Heigan...and surviving. I also remember the healing windows on Loethab, so we must have done him as well. I suppose I need to take some notes or something. nah....

What I do remember better is the Naxx10 we did on Saturday. We cleared out the Construct quarter and the Four Horsemen, which finished up all the wings. So we took a shot at Sapphiron...and one shotted the dragon! So we took a look at Kel'Thuzad....and got our butts beat.

For the evening, Daxie got a set of gloves that turned out to be worse than the Moonshroud ones and her first piece of T7 gear - her pants.

The priest T7 gear doesn't seem to suffer the same issues as the hunters' set. I did have to gem it correctly, but the item was a solid upgrade to the best Heroic drop. That's what I'm talkin' about!

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