Monday, March 14, 2011

Worst run ever

Why? Well, let me tell you:

1. This was supposed to be 2 mile warm up, 3 miles of 1/4 mile intervals, 1 mile cool down.

What I did: 2 miles waaaaaay too fast, 1 mile of quarters, and 3 miles of long run pace.

2. The run was supposed to be continuous.

What I did: Stopped 3 times. First for breath just before the second 1/4, second time at the three mile mark for breath, water, and change workout, and third after the fourth mile for a bathroom emergency.

3. I wasn't supposed to hurt.

What I did: Hurt. My groin strain may have turned serious as it was really sore at the start of the run as well as after. I'll be talking with my coach about what I need to do, and I'm sure the answer will be: rest.

There is no upside, but I can change my goal for my mini: 5 hours!

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