Monday, March 7, 2011

Intervals. I liked them!

I actually had difficulty with maintaining an 8:10 pace for my intervals (which translates to a 2:02.25 quarter mile); no, it wasn't being too slow that I struggled with, but too fast! I would look down and see that I was maintaining speeds in the 7:xx range...whoops.

Overall, this was a great run. The intervals did not leave me as winded as I thought they would (I was still a bit winded, though), and I really did feel pretty comfortable maintaining the interval pace. Also, my 10:00 min/mile pace was sufficient to allow me to recover between intervals.




Oh, shorts again today! Yeah, it was 43 degrees, so I wore my underarmor and long sleeve shirt, but no ear protection or gloves. Mark my words, Spring is going to make an appearance this year. Guaranteed!

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