Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Change???

and more mileage! I tacked on the .2 miles to this run so that I could say I did 26.2 miles for the week. Yeah, I'm that much of a geek. MARATHON, BABY!!

I ran with Bad Brad Smith this morning and treated the denizens the Carefree subdivision to a preview of the shambling zombie apocalypse. Thankfully we didn't get shot as such; well, ok, *I* didn't get shot as a zombie. I would think that the shooters would assume that Brad was normal and that I was the threatening zombie.

Anyways, nobody got shot, and if you can say that after a run, I think you've had a pretty good run!

I just ate a Clif Builder's bar. Lemon variety. I've been trying to get some protein in my system after my runs and workouts to build muscle. I'd rather drink it in the form of Gatorade Recovery, but there's only one flavor that I like, and I can't find it all the time. Occasionally, I'll have a protein shake; it's good to mix it up. The protein sources, I mean. Well, the shake too, I mean you really need to mix that up.

Are you mixed up now? I like doing that too.

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