Monday, March 28, 2011

Cue favorite "I'm back" song...

Whether it's "The boys are back in town", "Back in Black", or "Back in the Saddle (again)", or another song that talks about returning, they all describe my current status!

I have a better understanding of what is going on with my strain. When I was born, my feet were turned sideways, and when I lay on my back, my feet naturally fall toes pointed out with my little toes touching the ground.

Stay with me now, that information is important! Ok, where was I? Oh, yeah, my frog legs. So, anyways, while frog legs are great for some things (like the foot trick...yeah, yeah, I know, I still need to post a photo of that), those same legs aren't so good for other things if the proper form is not maintained. running has not been keeping in good form. I tend to have my toes pointed outward, which uses my inside leg muscles (no, not mussels...that's only on Facebook) and strains them.

So, on this run, I concentrated on keeping my feet pointed straight forward. I also kept the pace slow and measured to help me with my form. I also took my dog, Denali. And a hat.

Yes, Denali made it back onto the running team, at least for one run. We'll see if she comes with me on Wed. After the first mile, she realized that I wasn't going to let her sniff around and wander, and she pretty much just trotted along side me.

The plan: endurance. Just endurance. I'm not worried about speed. I'm not worried about finishing my mini marathon under a certain time (although I'll be extremely disappointed if I get picked up by the sag wagon or what ever it's called.)

I really want to run for a long time and hurting myself is not compatible with that goal. So, the name of the game is take it easy. No pace alarms either! At least not this week. 8-)

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