Friday, March 4, 2011

All I do is run?

Nah, but if all you know about what's happenin' in my life is from this blog, then you might think so. If you go back far enough into my archives, you'll find out (or remember) that I'm also an avid computer gamer and recovering World of Warcrack addict.

So, I definitely have not given up computer gaming, and I figured I'd update ya'll (that's a colloquialism for "you all".) (or is that '.")' or '").'? punctuation is hard.)

Aside from grammar issues, lately I've been playing The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. I've got the difficulty set on really super easy so I don't have to worry about dying and can just enjoy doing the quests.

And punching things.

See, I chose to have a Mage type character, but with the way the leveling works, you get bonuses to stats that you use the most. Add to that Strength determines how much you can carry and I'm a natural pack rat, and voila! you get a Mage that punches stuff to build up his Strength.

Sure, I could use a blade or a blunt instrument, but where's the fun in that? It's much more satisfying to punch out that crab than slice it up.

Occasionally, I'll use my fireball spell. I like to sneak, so it's really fun to sneak into range of an unsuspecting enemy and snipe them...with FIRE! A nice explosion usually sends them flying and the super duper easy setting ensures one shot kills. Everyone wins...well, I mean I...Win.

I pre-ordered Dragon Age II and downloaded the demo before my California trip. I got the thing installed in the Portland airport and started playing it. I wasn't too far into it before I had to call up Teurion (can I just call him David now? I mean, really...) and tell him what a blast it was. I was blowing everything up!!! KABOOM! lawls.

I much prefer DA2 to Oblivion for a couple of reasons:
1. Party Members. I like having a squad at my command and controlling the flow of battle. I usually default to the tank/healer/dps model of WoW, but I also have the freedom to try other things. One of my favorite things to do is to clear out the ranged enemies while my designated tank keeps the melee busy.

In Oblivion, it's just me.

2. Pause + Tactical evaluations. I like pausing battles and looking around the battlefield to determine priority targets and control. I enjoy using the different abilities of my party to mitigate and neutralize threats as well as assign targets and positioning.

In Oblivion, it's just me.

3. DA2 has a straight forward leveling system. I get to pick which attributes I want to directly increase with no thoughts given to playing a certain way. If I'm a Mage, I want Magic and Willpower; if I'm a Warrior, then Strength and Willpower; if I'm a Rogue, then Agility, Cunning, and Willpower.

I never become over encumbered due to a lack of Strength, although certain armor has Strength requirements in order to wear it.

In Oblivion, the leveling is more convoluted.'s just me. (just had to throw that in

Anyways, DA2 comes out on March 8th, and I'm really looking forward to getting my grubby little mitts on the thing. Oh, and the best thing about it? It has a...pause...button!

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