Monday, February 22, 2010

Things that make you go Hmmmm...

Over the weekend, I got some Epic crafted loot IRL. We decided to buy a 42" LCD TV. It looks great! Of course, now I need to update my satellite service to HD...more money...grrrr.

In WoW, my loot woes continue to fester. Now, poor Dwarfvader has been kicked down to Alt status in the guild, but I'm still able to attend some ICC10 mans should there be room. And on Saturday, there was not only room, but the group was looking to PuG two DPS from /lfr. Since I provided a known quantity and know the fights, I got an invite. /sweet!

Some of the particulars of the group:

I was one of the lowest gear score toons in the joint at around 5100+ or so.
There was another hunter that was 5600+.
There was a melee shammy whose gear score I didn't catch, but was probably lower than mine.

The hunter was a Main (25 raider).
The shammy was a Main (non-25 raider).
DV is an Alt (non-25 raider)

But, of course, this is 10 man, so I figured we all put in the effort, we all get the same shot at the lewtz.

First bit of drama shows up at Lady Deathwhisper. THE trinket drops. The crit trinket. Everyone who wants it /rolls, and DV wins! Woooooot!

Not so fast, Sparky. "Uh...since [other hunter] is a Main, DV is an Alt, then DV are you passing Alts in favor of Mains?" It wasn't so much a question as it was a "Here's what's going to happen..." My response was "I reckon"

At that point, I was ahead of the hunter on the damage meter. My first inclination was to be snarky and say, "Sure, maybe it'll help him catch up to me on the damage meter since 300+ gear score points aren't enough." But...I didn't.

Ah yes, I remember the bitter taste of loot being snatched out of my little grubby hands...

Now, I forget where the next piece of hunter loot dropped (it's all hunter loot, ya know), but it was a one hand axe (DV is dual wielding cause a good 2H won't drop!). I win the /roll and am awarded the axe. No one else rolled (not sure if shammies can use axes). Yay on me!

Festergut dropped a nice neck, which the shammy won. He and DV both rolled for it. Yay on him!

Rotface, ah the loot drama queen, goes down in a puddle of his own vomit and a shiney fist weapon drops. It's better than the other item in my dual wield. The raid starts gratting the shammy when I stink up the show and win the roll.


Then, the raid leader starts with the Mains/Alts thing. I point out the shammy won the neck (and was going to follow it up with my winning an item but the RL pointed it out right after I typed my first point.) I didn't really mind losing to a raiding main, but to a non-raiding main? I wasn't going to let it go without saying my piece.

It was very clear that I was the one being viewed as the outsider taking loot from someone that was friends/family with one of the guild leaders. Maybe the shammy had a special place in the guild or I don't know what else. The general feel that I got, was that I should defer to the shammy.

And eventually, I did. The RL gave me the weapon with a "you guys can settle it", and maybe it was just me reading into it, but, it seemed like the RL/GL (yeah him...) was "suggesting" that I would generate good will if I traded it to the shammy, which after a minute or two, I did.

I made sure to let everyone know that I had done so in order to accrue the good will. I guess it made a positive impression...who knows.

The results of the night, though are what tempered the lost loot. 2nd over all on the damage meter. Second.

To a Rogue.

That's right. I beat the other hunter, two 25 man raiding warlocks, and the shammy (who was just above the tanks/healers). I was very proud of my performance. Who needs stupid loot anyways!

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