Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blood Princes Down!

Last night, as usual for a Monday, we didn't have a full 25 man raid filled out. We raided anyways with 23.

Our goal for the night was to learn the different roles in the Blood Prince fight. We had a warlock tanking mumble mumble, a warrior tanking what's his face, and a pally tanking Mr. Fireball. Hey, I can't be bothered to remember their stinkin' names! K, V, and T. There, you happy?

Our first couple of attempts always ended with the 'lock getting killed. We talked about not hitting the shadow orbs. We talked about misdirecting the shadow orbs to the 'lock. We talked about keeping the Kinetic Orbs in the air.

After the second or third wipe, Teurion suggested that he tank K instead of the warlock; the raid leader (in my opinion, reluctantly) agreed.

The first attempt saw us get the boss(es) down farther than we'd ever gotten them (59%), and each subsequent attempt got better and better until, boom! Down they went.

It was a great feeling to work so hard and wipe so often to finally achieve victory! I didn't even mind that I lost the /roll for one of my BIS rings; yeah, that's how good it felt!

We still have Putricide, Blood Queen, Sleeping dragon, Sindragossa, and Arthas, but we are making progress.

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