Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yes...I do!

So, I've been gearing up my DK by running randoms as DPS. Now, I've had a set of tank gear as well as a tank spec that I could have been using to go as a tank, but I've been too chicken to queue up as such.

Well, Saturday, I took the plunge anyways, switched to my tank spec, donned my tank gear, and queued up for a random. In-sta-queue. oh baby!

I dutifully warned the group that they had a noob tank and then proceeded to show them just what a noob tank looks like. My tanking style was...spastic. Icy touch...TAUNT!!...erm, Plague Strike...DEATH GRIP...uh, Pestilence?...TAUNT!! CRAP IT'S ON COOLDOWN!! FREAK FREAK FREAK!!!

Ok, maybe it wasn't that bad, but a lot more people got hit than should, and I didn't get hit nearly enough.

But...I got better. As the dungeons rolled by, the badges piled up, and my gear got a bit better, the mobs started to pay more attention to me. My rotation improved, my gamepad set up/keybindings was tweaked, and my confidence rose.

I got comfortable with taunting off DPS or healers, I got used to using my spells as they were designed, and I found my cool downs for the poopy pulls.

I haven't arrived as a tank, but I'm well on my way. I'm learning the instances as I've never known them before. I've learned the benefits and pitfalls of Tab targeting (yes, I do it, but now I actually look to see if the mob is part of my current pull...<.<...>.>....).

I still need to tweak my spec (possibly to Blood from Frost), I'm still wearing Blues with blue gems, and I still have more instances to learn. But, I'm getting comfy in my plate leading the charge.

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