Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another ICC Milestone

Last night, I got several upgrades, achieves, and...well, I guess just upgrades and achieves. What, ain't that enough for ya??

The fresh ICC brought out a fair number of raiders last night. Now, let me just get one thing off my chest: Our guild struggles for numbers on Monday night (aka progression night), but on Tuesday, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting someone that's waiting on a spot for the 25 man. Luckily for me, I always show up on Mondays, so I think the leadership has duly noted that and gives me a spot. That or I'm bringing a needed buff. Either way, I'm glad I'm in!

We ran over to Ulduar first to take care of the weekly - Razorscale. On the way, the first boss dropped a nice offhand that I was able to snag to upgrade my Heroism badge one. Oh, forgot to mention that I grabbed a 1H weapon upgrade out of ToC25 on Monday night that replaced my 2H weapon, so I was looking for a new offhand.

Anyways, we gathered up at ICC after disbanding to try to take Wintergrasp (we failed miserably), cleared the trash, and took down Marrowgar. Ding! I hit the next level of rep for my ring, yay! It R Sooo purdy!!

On Lady Deathwhisper's trash, somehow, the first two groups got pulled instead of just one side. What's the first thing that goes through my mind? "Oooo! Lots of mobs! I wonder how much damage Mind Sear can do here..."

And Mind Sear I did! Yeah, I pulled aggro on a number of them, Teurion taunted at least three off me at one time, and the healers mercifully decided to heal the Priest tank.

I rocked the damage meter! I ended up with over 15K dps and took over 150k of damage (Teurion took 375K damage on that pull and topped the damage taken meter). The boss herself was pretty inconsequential, and we downed her easily.

Warning, another thing I need to get off my chest: Our loot system.

Now, what ever loot system the guild wants to use is fine with me. Suicide Kings, DKP, Loot Council, /roll, pretty much anything that applies the rules equally to everybody is A-Ok. Of course, blatant favoritism, cronyism, and general tomfoolery are right out!

Also, changing the loot rules, in the middle of an instance, totally not cool.

Our guild uses a combination of loot lists (which we fill out what we want from each boss or for each slot and post on the forums for all to see) and /roll. If the item is on your list, you can /roll; if it isn't on your list, but it isn't on anyone else's list, then you can /roll. If it isn't on your list and it is on someone else's list, then you won't win no matter what you roll.

Highest /roll of eligible people wins the item. Also, as I noted in an earlier post, guild rank determines priority in that Elites>Raiders>Initiates, so the /rolls get filtered through the ranks with the top people getting the first option at the items regardless of /rolls, but it still needs to be on their list.

At no point during the loot distribution process is current gear an issue. People can freely defer a won item to another if they so wish (as one hunter did to another last night on this same boss with a ranged item), but the loot rules don't take into account whether or not the item is an actual upgrade.

Compound that with the fact that I just got promoted to Raider status that very day by a guy that /rage gquit later in the evening.

Ok, still with me? Good. So, Lady DW drops a ring. A caster/healer ring. I hurry up and pull up my loot list, and wonders of wonders, I was with it enough to list it! Woot! I roll.

...and I win!! Yes!

Then, after a bit of a pause, the Raid Leader/Guild Leader (yes, one and the same - bad combo if you ask me) asks me to link my non-rep ring.

That stuck in my craw. I linked it, but was none too happy about this apparent shift in the loot rules. I whispered the RL and reminded him that the ring was on my list. I'm not sure if the whisper helped or if the RL realized that he was changing the rules mid-loot or if he decided that I "needed" the ring, but anyways, I won the ring.

I immediately cut an orange gem for spellpower and haste and slapped that puppy in there. So, I upgraded both of my rings last night! Yes!

I also got to stay for the Saurfang fight and received the achieve for the 25 man wing completion as well as the "I've gone and made a mess" 25 man achievement. We went on to two shot Festergut and wipe repeatedly on Rotface. We were hurtin' for the aforementioned guildie that /gquit earlier and his 1337 dps.

So, four solid hours of raiding, three upgrades, and a couple of achievements; all in all, a good night for Daxie.


Anonymous said...

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Daxenos said...

You're welcome!

Here at Musings of a Nutjob we take education very seriously and provide an example in ourselves of what a total depravity of education can do to a person.

So, hit dem books, youngin's. thar's gold en larnin!