Friday, February 12, 2010

Like the Wind

Aside from doing some stuff in World of Warcraft because I feel I have to (grindy type stuff), for the most part, I do what ever I feel like or want to do.

This explains why I would abandon a full server of toons to start a new server, or why I suddenly decide to roll a new alt when my main needs work, or why I go mining when I really should be doing X or Y. Other than my commitments to others in the form of raids, I pretty much do as I please.

Well, last night was no exception. I've been raiding Mon-Wed, so last night was a night off. I thought I would play Daxxy the Druid to get in a full run of either Deadmines or Wailing Caverns, but I ended up jumping onto Vanco. Yeah, my neglected Death Knight has only been seeing the light of day for the occasional JC daily.

When I logged on last night, Vanco had around a 3300 gear score for his DPS set and was pulling around 1.6k dps in a Heroic. For some reason that I can't remember, he had a smattering of Conquest badges as well as some Triumph and Frost badges.

Right away, I saw that I could buy 2 Conquest badges and get a nice glove upgrade. Unfortunately for me, I mistakenly bought 2 Valor badges and had to burn 4 Triumph badges to get the mitts. Doh!

I also bought a nice new Sigil as I was using the blue one from the original gear set...yeah. So, right off the bat, I was looking better - over 3400 gear score.

So, I started signing up for randoms. I picked up a chest and a belt that was better than what I had. I also amassed enough badges for a piece of T9, and I picked up the DPS shoulders. At the end of the night, I was sitting at 3600 gear score. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Now, seeing how easily I can gear him up, I'd like to do just that. I plan on roping Teurion into chain randoms so I can get insta-queues, some coaching on melee dps, and fast badge accumulation.

After getting the T9 DPS gear and some incidentals, I'm planning on getting Vanco's tanking gear up to where I can hopefully make my mistakes learning how to tank without dying or getting someone killed. Yeah...hopefully. At least I won't get insta-kicked for my gear score; now after a couple of pulls, all bets are off when the group discovers the failtank...

After I do learn to tank, I'm really looking forward to my own insta-queues!


Anonymous said...

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Daxenos said...

I'm assuming you were googling something related to wind; unfortunately, the title only describes my tendency to shift unexpectedly and erratically in new directions.

Either that or break wind, which has it's own unique characteristics...