Monday, February 8, 2010

Option 3 Live!

Yup, collected up the badges necessary to buy three Heirloom items, sent them, 4 Frostweave bags, and 100 gold to Daxxy the Druid. The Heirloom items are Int/Spi/Spell Power geared, because I am wanting to heal my way to 80.

I got her up to 16 over the weekend and as soon as I turned 15, I popped into the LFG to see how I could do.

Let me say, I was very pleased with getting a group right away and being able to do Ragefire Chasm at the appropriate level as Alliance. What a concept!

The tank was pretty easy to heal, the dps didn't pull aggro too much (although one of them was pulling until I asked him to stop), and I only ran out of mana once on a pull gone bad. I think we didn't have any deaths, so yay on me!

I didn't get any good loot; the satchel of helpful goods wasn't all that helpful as it gave me bear/kitty gear. That's about par for the course as I remember my hunter getting a lot of spellpower mail and leather...

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