Friday, February 5, 2010


I know, I know, you all were hoping I was quitting blogging. I'm not, so wipe those silly grins off your faces!

With the purchase of the 75 triumph badge healing helm, Daxie finished off her triumph badge gear. The only thing left that I might need is dependent on getting a trophy or two from ToC25 which may or may not happen. And, I'm not too sure those items are better than what I have or are just side grades/minimal upgrades. I'll look at the gear just to be sure, but I'm fairly confident that I won't have a use for triumph badges for gear for Daxie.

And, Dwarfvader finished off his non-ToC-trophy gear last month.

So, what to spend my triumph badges on? Glad you asked!

Option 1. Vanco the DK. There are the crafted items that require Crusader's Orbs that would be a nice upgrade for whatever trash Vanco is wearing. I think I would need 12-13 orbs @ 15 badges each = 18o - 195 badges.

Option 2. Money. Those Crusader's Orbs go for a nice little sum right now, but who knows what the price will drop to in the near future (Frozen Orbs are selling just above their vendor selling point of 5 gold). I'm not strapped for cash, so I don't see this option as being viable.

Option 3. A new alt. I really enjoyed playing my Druid over on Andorhal, so I was thinking about pimping out a new Druid with Heirloom shoulders, chest, and staff. I like that Druid healing...

Option 4. My current alts. I could start throwing more Heirloom gear around in general and level my other alts. This one might happen after the first three options, but not right now.

I'm leaning toward number three. Here's my reasoning:
I have nine characters on Kael'thas, four of which are Hunters. I would like to replace one of my hunters with another class, but I am loathe to give up their maxed profession or I have some silly sentimental attachment to them (Dwarfvader and Rysteranch are safe; Smoochie and Nitrodax are in danger; Nitrodax has a lot of enchanting recipes that I would hate to lose; Smoochie...sorry...) I also need to keep one slot open for my Worgen Rogue that I'll be rolling in Cat.

Now, I do have two pallies that could be in danger, my bank toon and a level 39 that I just haven't gotten around to leveling. I might make my level 39 into my bank toon and just get rid of my level one. That's my contingency in case I want to roll yet another toon.

Anyways, the last slot for now is going to be my Druid; the other toons have some breathing room until Cat comes out...

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