Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Daxie and Daxxy

Lately, I've been playing just my priest and my druid.

On Monday and Tuesday, and hopefully tonight as well, Daxie visited ICC25. I have yet to get a drop out of there as I'm still an initiate in the guild, but I'm getting some good rep for my ring upgrade and valuable experience in learning the fights. Also, up until last night, Hubris had not killed Rotface without me in the fight, /preen. Yeah, I know, it probably wasn't due to me being present, but allow me my delusions...

On Monday, I also did a couple of RFC runs on Daxxy. I didn't get any blue drops, but once again, I got some more experience with druid healing (I really like it). I also am finding myself in the position of trying to teach tanks how to tank...*_*....*0*....T.T

or something like that. My first Wailing Caverns popped, and I was grouped up with at least three kids - tell tale signs included the tank asking everyone if they liked his sword and the hunter asking everyone if they liked his pet. After some incessant bugging, I finally told them that both of the respective items were fine.

I kind of felt bad that I had to leave mid-instance in order to make the evening's raid. Kinda...

Last night, due to the server issues, I wasn't able to log onto KT until almost raid time, so I jumped onto Andorhal to chat up Jay and Robin only to find they moved. So, hey Jay, hey Robin.

I also either got kicked out of the guild I was a part of or it disbanded. Not sure which. Don't really care either. 8~P

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