Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day...uh, what day is it? 12 or 19

Something like that. Anyways, I biked on over to Xios in Apex for dinner. Mmmmm....Greek food!

I called ahead to ask if bike attire was appropriate for the dining room, and Hannah said that it was ok. Unfortunately for her, she didn't know that a fat, gray haired old geezer was going to show up in bike shorts. I think I heard her puking her guts out in the kitchen....

Anyways, the food was EXCELLENT, and my server was on top of everything! Kudos, Josh! He even wrapped up my leftovers so they wouldn't explode in my backpack on the ride home. BONUS!!

Afterwork Ride:
8.74 Miles
43.37 minutes
Temp: 76 F

Weight: 204.8 lbs (wow, that's quite a bit of muscle I've built, eh? Right...muscle....)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

At least you didn't go to the restaurant from swim practice....