Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 1

I'll be updating these posts throughout the day and won't be using the EDIT indicator. I also have neglected to pick up a scale; that's on the agenda for today. I'll post a weight as soon as I get one. Oh, and I'll be weighing in the buff, so NO LOOKING!!

Morning Ride:
6.71 Miles
39:43 minutes
Temp: 70's...idk...
Sunrise was beautiful over the lake I found to ride around, and North Carolina has HILLS!! Indiana has, what, two...maybe three...colors for their topographical map? It's nice to see hills again, even if my legs don't appreciate them...heh heh.

Afterwork Ride:
10.61 Miles
1:02:34 hours
Temp: 77
Overcast, but not too muggy. I went exploring from the hotel. I was aiming to hit Apex High School to check out the tennis courts. I found the school, but the courts had been replaced by modular classrooms. Hmm... So, I made my way back to the lake I found this morning (Pine Lake) and then biked through a pretty nice neighborhood. I didn't mean to bike as long as I did, but I followed some bike trail signs and ended up back tracking some to get to familiar territory.

Total miles for the day: 17.32
Total miles to go for the month: 482.68
Weight for the day: 201.6 lbs


Jason said...

Hills? Go further west and you'll hit actual mountains!! I lived just outside of Asheville for a year. North Carolina is an AMAZING state. Especially in the spring and fall

Daxenos said...

Hills are all these out of shape Indiana legs can handle for the time being...

I will be hitting the mountain bike trails this weekend, so I'll get more ups and downs.