Monday, May 25, 2009

The Coca-Cola 340.5

It was supposed to be the Coke 600, but after postponing it yesterday to today, and then having the rain show up off and on all day, I think the NASCAR officials just threw in the towel.

So, David Reutimann won his very first Sprint Cup race and won Michael Waltrip Racing's very first Sprint Cup race. Go Reuti!

I ended up sleeping in my Murano on Sunday night so I wouldn't have to drive back and forth from Cary again. Suffice to say, I'm sore. Why didn't someone tell me that I ain't 24 any more???

Oh, and no riding today as I just got back into my hotel room at 10 pm, but I do have a weight for you!

Weight: 202.4 lbs


Jason said...

Sooo 319.5 miles to ride in...5 days? That's only about 64 miles a day man! Gogogogogogo!

We're going to Gen Con again this year. August 13th-16th. Looks to be just me and Robin this time around though. More news as it develops! :)

Daxenos said...

Ah, yes, the goal....

Well, let's just say, I shot for the moon and I hit my foot.

At least I hit something....