Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 3

Morning Ride:
9.32 Miles
49:59 minutes
Temp: 63 F
It was overcast and misty this morning; the kind of weather that makes you feel ALIVE! Anyways, I refined my morning route a bit, so it's looking like I'll be doing a little over nine miles. If I can remember the route, that is....

Afterwork Ride:
12.24 Miles
1:04:56 hours
Temp: 74 F
It was still overcast, but not as gloomy as this morning. I purposed on this outing to do my infamous "Ride and Dine" ride. Ok, it's not infamous, but it is descriptive! After about 45 minutes of wandering (exploring!!! you need to put exploring, it makes us look adventurous!), I stopped at a Mexican place for dinner. I lingered a bit too long and had to make my way home in the near dark...uh, dusky dusk?.....starlit....nvm. I made it back in one piece, thanks for asking.

I'll weigh myself just before bed, that way I can wife is always telling me I'm full of crap.

Total Miles for the day: 21.56 Miles
Weight: 203.2 lbs

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