Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 4

Morning Ride:
9.30 Miles
52:21 minutes
Temp: 67 F
It was overcast again with a little rain here and there. I was feeling the effects of the two rides yesterday and will take the afternoon off. I'm still debating whether or not to double up again tomorrow as I'm planning on doing quite a bit on Saturday. I'll probably take tomorrow afternoon off as well just so I'm plenty rested for a big ride on the weekend.

Weight: 202.8 lbs


Jason said...

Hey, you ever hear of a company called Bird Technologies Group? I guess they make a whole bunch of RF Test Equipment including stuff used on MRI's and whatnot. If you have heard of them, I work for them now :)

Daxenos said...

Never heard of them. I recently bought an RF DMM from Agilent Technologies for use on a Harmonic Scalpel, but I've never heard of Bird.

Gratz on the new job, though! Whatcha doin' for them?

Jason said...

I'm in their Export Compliance/Billing department. Basically some of the same stuff I was doing at STERIS but where STERIS was more broad, this position is a lot more focused. I do invoices and export documentation and everything else is left to other people

joe said...

But do you get to sit and type on gmail-chat?

Jason said...

Not much time to sit and chat actually. It's not like my old job where I only had one thing to do in the morning and one thing to do in the afternoon and the rest of the time was just kicking back and relaxing. This new job actually keeps me pretty busy.