Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 2

Morning Ride:
8.80 Miles
51:06 minutes
Temp: 61 F
It was overcast and misty. When I went over 18 mph or so, I could feel the coolness in my ears. I think I found a nice morning ride route, so I expect to get in 8.8 miles every morning, M-F.

No afterwork ride today. My legs were feeling a bit twitchy, and I really don't want to start too fast and injure myself. I ain't twenty, ya know.

I'll be back on it tomorrow morning for my 8.8 mile ride and then see how the afternoon goes as far as getting in a second ride.

In other news, I've been walking to my class (it's uphill both ways...really, it is! There's a valley in between the hotel and the training facility) and have been consistently taking the stairs. I think those two things have not helped in the tired legs department.

Weight: 203.6 lbs (which way am I supposed to be going??)

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