Monday, December 1, 2008

Motoring along

Rysteranch: 71

Dwarfvader: 71

Daxie: 70.75

Smoochie: 70.5

Nitrodax: 350 enchanting

And, that last post must have been looking into the future, 'cause Smoochie died at the hands of the D.E.H.T.A. zealots. I didn't think they'd actually kill me because Dwarfvader (the gorilladin) had the Animal Blood debuff on him, and while the zealot quest giver did a lot of shouting, she didn't actually attack him. So, I figured I'd get yelled at and probably couldn't turn in quests, but I didn't figure they'd kill me. So much for thinking.

And as much as I hate the smelly hippies, I really like Borean Tundra better than Howling Fjord. I plan on doing both areas eventually, but it seems like the quest grouping is better over in BT. Daxie is committed to leveling in HF, so I'll get a better idea over the next couple of days. Oh, and the falconing quests...hated them!

And, speaking of Daxie, she's teamed up with...Teurion! Yeah, he renewed his account and has a limited amount of time to play. VA is hurting too much to play, so the plan is to level Teurion and Daxie, then level VA and Daxe together. This Friday is VA's surgery, so I'm not sure how much play time Teurion will have after that - he shouldn't have much!

And, finally, the scenery! I absolutely love it! As many of you know, I lived in Alaska for 17 years, so I've seen my share of northern latitudes. Blizz got it right for the most part.

I've walked on the grey sandy beaches of Homer.

I've seen the calving icebergs of Prince William Sound.

I've passed through the towering fjords of Resurrection Bay.

I've biked Resurrection pass through the high land tundra.

I've seen caribou, marmots, and orcas in the wild.

I tell you all this because I've seen all those things in game as well. Another thing Blizz got right are Native names. The wharfmaster at the walrus village in Borean is named Agloolik, which is a very Alaskan sounding name (reference the village of Shaktoolik). Of course...there's no penguins in Alaska, except in the zoo, but, hey, it's a game, right?

All in all, I'm very impressed with the new continent...and a little homesick....

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