Monday, December 22, 2008


It's single digits here in the wilds of Indiana; almost makes it feel like being back home in Alaska.


Today is my oldest son's birthday - he's 19. I gratted him on the ding and asked what he was going to do in his twink year. He said he'd be hittin' up the BG's pretty I do know that we'll be going to PF Chang's to celebrate. Mmmmmmmm.....Chinese Bistro!

I did quite a bit of leveling over the weekend - DV and Daxie are both 75, and Nitro is up to 69. I worked a bit on engineering, leatherworking, inscription, blacksmithing, and enchanting. Finally, all of my primary professions are above 375 on all my toons.

Ah, work calls, so I'll have to cut this short. Laters!

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Anonymous said...

Stumbled here on accident.

I'm an avid player of WoW as well. Currently have an 80 Night Elf BM hunter named Toxote on Korialstrasz server. Also a 70 tank warrior and 60 feral druid, and I must say, I like my druid the best of all. It's just so much fun, healer/warrior(bear)/rogue(cat) and with a respec, a mage(boomkin). You have courage to get a squishy (cloth wearer) up as high as you have. I got my mage to 35 before I decided that it wasn't worth leveling to 50 (to get 375 profession max). Deleted my shadow priest and started a pally last night, and I'm liking it already. Level on, alliance brother, level on!!!