Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Don't Panic

Sometimes I get all wrapped up around the axle due to knowing something about WoW, but not knowing everything about the subject.

The case in point is the Oracle and Frenzyheart factions in Sholazar Basin. I knew I wanted to ally myself with the Oracles, and I assumed that it would be similar to choosing between Aldorks and Scrybabies in Shat. Wrong.

It turns out that you end up doing quests for both factions before choosing your allegiance. You start off doing quests (and earning rep) with the Frenzyheart Puppydogfaces; eventually, you get to a point where you save an Oracle Bigtongue and the Frenzyheart disown you. Whoops.

THEN, you do Oracle quests for a while (that's the point I'm at) and from what I've read, you finally get a quest where you have to choose which faction you'll kill (thereby allying yourself with the other faction). And, the quest is a daily, so you can switch factions at will (well, almost).

So, don't panic when you start down the Frenzyheart road; this is how the path was designed. Just go with the flow, enjoy the XP gains, and relax. You'll get to choose one eventually.

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