Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A conundrum

Well, not really.

Last night, Smoochie hit 71 and Nitrodax hit 61. Now, I'd heard that the 60-70 xp requirements had been nerfed, and I'm pretty sure they have.

Firstly, the requirement for 61 was 290,000 XP; I'm pretty sure it was over 500K before the nerf.

Secondly, anecdotal evidence provides that I quested in HP from 58.75 to 61 and have not even finished half of the quests there. In fact, I have only done quests from HH, Expedition Point, Shatter Point, and The Front. I haven't touched the crashed zeppelin, the Longbeards, Telhamat, or the CE dudes.

Yes, it was a mix of rest XP and normal XP, but still, it seems really fast.

So, I'm boogieing out of HP and headed into Zangarmarsh! I hate HP anyways...lol.

EDIT: Haha! I didn't even present my conundrum before pressing publish! My issue is a desire to catch Nitrodax up to the rest of my toons, but she's almost out of rest XP. I want to be efficient, and that demands that I make the most out of rest XP on my other toons.

hmmm...what to do.....what to do.....what to do.....

I'll probably just do whatever I feel like at the time...lol.

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