Thursday, December 18, 2008


So, yay on Nitrodax, who dinged 68 and is headed for Coldlands. I went ahead and pushed through the last of the level without the benefit of rest XP and expect that levels 68 and 69 will go even quicker with the larger quest XP rewards available in Northrend.

I've decided to hold off on getting her flying due to the fact that 1) She doesn't have any gathering skills and 2) She can't fly in Coldlands until, what 76? 77? Either way, a level that is a bit farther down the road.

Since Teurion has da burn to level, Daxie will probably be my first level capped toon. But, now that I'm done with Outlands, I will be concentrating more on my other hunters.

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Deathrender said...

Cold Weather Flying is at 77 bub. Have 1K on ya to train. While it was fun ground pounding, flying is required for nearly everything in Storm Peaks and Icecrown.