Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Army of Alts

So, why have an alt?

For many people, alts provide enjoyment of a different type than their main. Perhaps they get the joy of DPSing rather than their regular job of tanking. Maybe they get the thrill of having nasty monsters beating on them instead of avoiding the beating. The same could be said for ranged vs. melee DPS alts, spell vs. physical (yeah, that's a weak one), squishy vs. armored. All of these issues are great reasons to start and play an alt.

Another motive to start an alt is more mundane - a bank toon. Early on in my WoW experience, I found that being able to consolidate all of my Auction House listings on one character was very valuable. Some people like keeping their alts' finances separate, so this becomes trickier; I am not one of those people, so all my money is in one big pot. This is not to say that my bank toon keeps all of my money; it's just that I feel free to take from one toon in order to finance activities on another.

Bank toons often become the defacto storage facilities as well and even are known to be in a guild of one in order to have even more storage at their fingertips. My bank toon is in such a guild, and yeah, it gets sort of lonely. As an aside, my bank toons have always been paladins - they have great....wait for it.....judgments.

Now, you might say, "But Rusty, (yes, my real name for the first time on the blog), you aren't looking for a different experience with 4 hunters! Why, I know you, and those hunters aren't even spec'd different!!"

True dat.

Of course, everyone who reads this blog knows that I want all of the professions covered so that I can try to take out one of the M's in the MMORPG that is World of Warcraft. Massive Online Role Playing Game is just fine by me.

So, to some end, I'm going to try to start beginning to somewhat communicate and chronicle (ENOUGH HESITATION ALREADY!!) some of the benefits, trials, tribulations, irritations, niceties, ravings, musings, rantings, and jello of alts. Of course, with the mere mention of jello, I'll gain scores of hits from people doing searches with nuts and jello in them. ....creeps...

That, or maybe I'll start posting my extreme right wing views. /shrug.

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