Monday, December 29, 2008

Where'd that week go?

I just realized that I hadn't posted in almost a week! Sorry 'bout that.

DV is on the cusp of 80; hopefully tonight, I'll fill up the remaining 13 bubbles to get him there. I'm so glad that I invested in epic flight and made my Turbocharged ROFLcopter.

Over my glorious 4 day weekend (thanks, President Bush!!), I also maxed out Herbalism and Mining. I got over the 400 hump of Inscription, bumped Engineering up to 425 (only 15 more points to my new goggles), worked a bit on Tailoring (3 more points to the new bags!), and did a little Jewelcrafting.

I'm working on a list of Hunter Rep rewards that I can start working on. It'll also serve me well as a guide for my other Hunters. Hopefully, I'll get that list posted - complete with Armory links and all!

I also have a new project.....more on that later!

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