Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Inscription Pain

Daxe is at 397 Inscription, and his only orange recipe is the Northrend research that has a 20 hour cooldown on it. He has no yellow recipes and just a couple of green ones. AND, the next recipes aren't available until 400.


Adding to that situation is my own impatience in spending 80 gold on the regular WotLK ink and then finding out that the research costs the "special" Snowfall ink, which, on my server, is nowhere to be found on the AH. So, I have to make my own......and get the regular pigments while hoping for the specials. But I JUST BOUGHT A BUNCH OF THAT!!!!!1 Yeah, impatience is a bad thing.

So, now, I'm milling herbs and building up a huge supply of Ink of the Sea (I think that's the one - the WotLK one). I'll just hope that once I get to 400, I can start using it up for skill points.

On the bright side, Smoochie has been getting some sunshine to go pick flowers....

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Deathrender said...

Join the club. Cooking is a pain in the rump. I'm at 447 with hardly any recipes to level it up with. 3 points man! 3! /grumbles