Wednesday, December 10, 2008

VA Update

So, last Friday, VA had brain surgery to address a mass the docs found in the MRI. Thankfully, once the surgeons opened her up, they found the mass to be a mess of blood vessels and not cancer! Praise the Lord!

They were able to clean up the genetic miscue, and she's already gone home from the hospital. As an aside, this might be the cause of her frequent headaches over the past years, so that might be cured as well! Twofer!

With the specter of cancer gone and the trials and tribulations associated with it gone also, Teurion decided to renew his and VA's WoW accounts.

VA is still not able to play, so Teurion and Daxie have started playing together. Last night Daxie caught up to DV and Smoochie at level 71! Yay on her.

And, DV is two bubbles away from 72; now, if he can only get some play time away from Daxie....


Grai's Gang said...

Please tell VA and teurion that this is wonderful news. The season of miracles or at least that how i will think of it.

Sad said...

woot! tell them i am thrilled:-)
Now get to leveling will ya?!